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Ferrari F10/F150th Italia - overhead comparison 09 February 2011

Although the chassis is higher and the nose flatter on the F150 (top), the new car's front wing is the final iteration from last season's F10 (bottom). The new front suspension (1) has higher wishbones and, for the first time on a Ferrari, the steering arm is not inside the top wishbone. To improve visibility and gain some more room for the fuel tank, the driver is seated more vertically in the cockpit (2). The sidepods (3) have improved intrusion protection and inlets shaped in a similar style to those on last season's McLaren. The rear, 'cola bottle' section of the car is much wider, with the exhausts - which will undergo further changes ahead of the season - sited in a very low position (4). Although Ferrari have opted to retain their push-rod suspension (5) for 2011, by reducing the gearbox size and moving the damper and rocker installation forward by 15cm (inset) they can derive similar benefits to those gleaned from a pull-rod suspension system, with very compact packaging. The area in front of the rear wing and diffuser (6) has been neatened and narrowed to improve the flow of air. The rear wing and diffuser themselves are just temporary solutions so the team can run the car and test its reliability. Updated versions will be installed before the first race.