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Williams FW33 - innovative rear packaging 15 February 2011

The Williams FW33 has the lowest rear end (2) of all the new cars - lower even than Red Bull's RB7 - due to very compact packaging of the gearbox and differential. So low are they in fact that the driveshaft (3) angle is the greatest ever seen, at around 14° (6-7° is normally considered the maximum limit for this component). Williams spent a lot of time developing and testing this solution before introducing it to the new project. Indeed, the whole rear of the FW33 is innovative - witness the unique pick-up point for the suspension's top wishbone, mounted directly on the central rear wing pillar (1). Williams have also followed the trend for a pull rod rear suspension layout (4) for 2011. Only Ferrari, Sauber (with the Ferrari gearbox), Virgin and HRT have kept a push-rod layout.