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Mercedes MGP W02 - final testing updates 21 March 2011

Following its lacklustre showing in early tests, Mercedes' 2011 car looked far more promising after it was extensively modified for the final Barcelona session, with the team becoming the first to follow Renault's forward exhaust solution, albeit in less extreme form. This drawing shows the original car (bottom) and the modified version (top). Mercedes trialled three different front wings (1), including a double-flap extension to the double-decker flaps, and a blown main plane. The angled fins (2) inside and behind the front wheels have been removed and the turning vanes (3) and sidepods (4) have been revised. The exhaust exits (5) are now in a new bodywork assembly in the middle of the sidepods - previously they were in a standard position at the rear. There are additional gills (6) in the bodywork to improve cooling and a new rear wing (7). The rear diffuser (8) has been updated, with its middle plates in revised positions.