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Red Bull RB8 - revised exhaust positioning 14 March 2012

After an FIA crackdown forced teams to reconsider how they position their exhaust exits, Red Bull initially placed the RB8's quite far back so the air was efficiently directed towards the beam wing and centre of the car. But, at the final pre-season test, designer Adrian Newey surprised everybody with a heavily updated RB8, which to an extent mirrored a rival exhaust positioning solution previously showcased by Sauber, Ferrari and McLaren. The exhausts are now much further forward and the revised rear bodywork has been designed to direct the hot exhaust air in a wider and lower direction towards the rear of the car (yellow arrows), between the tyres and the diffuser. This solution relies on the Coanda effect, which guides the flow of air by using an assortment of curved surfaces surrounding the exhaust (red arrows). As the surfaces curve away from the flow of air, low pressure builds, which in turn forces the air to stay 'attached' and modify its direction. Red Bull's design is closest in character to Sauber's but is even more extreme and sophisticated.