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Red Bull RB8 - updated rear suspension 23 June 2012

There are so many updates on Red Bull's RB8 this weekend that it could almost be classed as a new car, with the first part of the package the rear suspension, introduced in Montreal. To ensure the aero package is as extreme as it can be chief designer Adrian Newey has moved the brake calliper from the slightly angled position in front of the rear axle (bottom arrow, left drawing) to a fully horizontal position (bottom arrow, right drawing).This frees up space in this area and reduces the centre of gravity of the non-suspended part of the car. Compared to the old solution (top arrow, left drawing), the pick-up point of the top wishbone is higher (top arrow, right drawing) - a change made possible by introducing a new upright. A secondary, but no less important change is that the driveshaft is now included in an even wider (but still of a legal width-height ratio) chord plane, integrating the rear leg of the lower wishbone and the toe link.