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Mercedes F1 W05 - Sepang cooling solutions 29 March 2014

With ambient temperatures reaching around 35 Celsius in Malaysia, cooling is the prime concern for most teams. The regulations limit the areas where cooling exits can be placed, so maintaining stable car temperatures in no easy task. Mercedes have come into 2014 arguably the best prepared in this area, having trialled various cooling solutions at the pre-season Bahrain tests. The main problem with having to increase cooling is the loss of downforce created by bigger radiator exits. These larger and wider exits (1) at the rear of the F1 W05's engine cover exit into a relatively benign airflow area. The exit's efficiency is also assisted by the low-pressure area under the rear wing, which helps extract more air out of the ducts. The small duct beside the driver's head (2) has also been increased in size. This helps the performance of the upper inner corner of the water radiator, a subtle but efficient change for this area. At the rear (3) the gearbox cooler can just be seen under the bodywork. Visible too in this picture is the small slot in the centre of the diffuser (4). This is Mercedes' response to a regulation change that prevents teams utilizing a starter motor hole in the diffuser for aerodynamic gain.