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Red Bull RB10 - new turning vanes, camera mounting 25 May 2014

For Monaco, Red Bull have altered the turning vane that is mounted on the bottom of the chassis, underneath the driver's feet. Normally this is a two-piece component - as shown in the main drawing - which is very similar to a vertically mounted two-element wing. Now (inset) they have the lower section of it blending into a one-piece component. Changes like this are small, but they all add up to give that little bit more overall downforce which will improve lap time. As a reference, on a normal type of circuit, at 240km/h with no drag, an extra 12kg of downforce is worth about 0.1 seconds per lap. In a separate development, Red Bull were asked to move the onboard cameras on the front of their car in Monaco. The team had found a small loophole in the regulations that allowed them to mount the forward-facing cameras inside the 'vanity panel' which smooths the nose-to-chassis intersection (avoiding a stepped-nose appearance). However, with the camera mounted in this position - looking through a small hole - it was not possible to get any footage worth showing on TV. They have now mounted the cameras externally in a similar fashion to Mercedes and Ferrari.