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Ferrari F14 T - power unit installation 04 July 2014

Mercedes' clever installation of their 2014 power unit has garnered plenty of attention, but Ferrari's solution also has some very novel features. The exhaust system (1) naturally starts on either side of the engine. With its flat-section three-into-one transition with the tailpipe, it then meets in the middle and connects with the turbo (2 - in red). A very simple stay (3) supports the overhanging weight of the turbo. The clever part of Ferrari's design is the intercooler positioning (4). Instead of the pressurised hot air from the blue side of the turbo (2) travelling to the sidepod, passing through a radiator core to cool it, and then returning to the engine, the Italian team have placed the intercooler in the 'V' of the engine (the red arrow shows the location), and the air quite simply passes through this on its normal route into the engine inlets. The intake duct (5), meanwhile, channels airflow coming from the airbox into the blue side of the turbo (2).