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Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid - new low-drag rear wing 24 August 2014

Mercedes introduced a new more efficient rear wing for Belgium. The trailing edge of the main flap is curved to give a shorter cord section at the intersection with the rear wing endplates and where the slot gap separators keep the wing sections from deflecting. Both of these areas generate a vortex which creates drag, so the shorter cord will reduce that vortex and in turn the drag, which will mean for the same downforce level they will have a higher top speed. During practice Mercedes ran with a gurney tab (red arrow) along the trailing edge of the rear flap. However, as the cars go into parc ferme conditions when they leave the pits in qualifying - and you are therefore not allowed to adjust the rear wing settings pre-race - they removed this gurney tab before the session to improve straight-line speed, which is vital for the race. They also fitted a new reduced-section monkey seat wing underneath the upper wing. This gives a small amount of downforce its own right and also helps the centre section of the upper wing to work more consistently.