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Toyota TF104 - new chimneys

The widest chimneys seen so far, whose primary function was not to expel hot air, but to control airflow over the bodywork. Although only a minor change, the effects were significant in improving the car's stability in all sectors of the circuit, as proven by Olivier Panis's strong qualifying...

Toyota TF104 - new nose

A new, visibly narrower (3) nose design, sporting curved instead of vertical pillars (2) connecting the nose to the front wing. The endplates featured revised side winglets (1) with a much thicker leading edge than seen previously.

Toyota TF104 - illegal brake ducts

Toyota, like Williams, were excluded because their front brake ducts were too wide. Under the rules no part of the duct could be more than 120mm away from a line parallel to the inner side of the wheel - Toyota were just 3mm over, which Mike Gascoyne said was purely due to wheels' camber angle.

Toyota TF104 - rear wing

Not a completely new solution, but one not used thus far in 2004, the TF104's rear wing featured a new profile with upwardly-curved edges. The benefits were greater downforce with less drag, a definite asset on Montreal's main straight.

Toyota TF104 - chimneys

Toyota concentrated on improving rear-end aerodynamics with these new engine-exhaust chimneys that were lower, longer and horizontal, as on the BAR 006. Although one might imagine this solution to worsen hot-air extraction from the sidepods, it in fact proved very efficient in aiding airflow over...