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01 January 2006

Toyota TF106 - side view detail

So far, little has changed over the TF105B. The double vertical fins (1) in front of the rear wheels are still present. These help greatly in the management of airflow towards the rear of the car, dramatically reducing turbulence and improving air extraction from the underbody. The exhaust pipes (2) still exit from the top of the rear bodywork, but as the pipe lengths will be different with a V8 rather than a V10 engine, we are likely to see many different configurations in pre-season tests. The small winglets (3) on the top of the sidepods are the same as those of 2005, and are coupled with the same big venting chimneys (5) - again we will see many versions of both before the new season starts. One aero feature almost certain to remain in the car's definitive version is the midwing (4), which helps overall aero balance and improves the efficiency of the rear wing.