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21 June 2008

Toyota TF108 - front-wing development

Like most teams, Toyota have introduced several aerodynamic refinements on its car for France. Although visually subtle, the number of small changes is impressive. On the TF108's front wing, for example, there are four differences to the one used in Canada. The main profile (1) features a more curved profile, with its extremities bending upwards more obviously towards the endplates. The rear edge of the flap has also changed (2), featuring a wider section, slightly reducing towards the centre, but still sporting an increased area compared to the previous version. The endplates now feature a completely different lower section, with a flat, knife-edge outer section (4) instead of the previous arched shaped one. The top-rear section of the endplates has changed too (3), now being flat and sporting a triangular, horizontal winglet on its rearmost edge, so as to better divert and split the airflow close to the front wheels, thus reducing turbulence.