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Red Bull RB5 - pull-rod rear suspension 24 February 2009

The RB5 brings pull-rod rear suspension back to Formula One for the first time in over 20 years. With the diffuser moving rearwards under the revised 2009 regulations, the pull-rod layout (2) - where the suspension rockers are pulled rather than pushed by the rod - allows for cleaner aero packaging (see inset for more common push-rod set-up). The pull-rod suspension is lighter and, along with a gearbox that is now 15cm lower, helps to lower the car's centre of gravity and improve handling. The top wishbone is a single piece and is attached very high at the rear of the car (1), forming a wing-like section that works together with the lower section of the rear wing. Also note the very low and rearward positioning of the exhausts (3), which exit just under the front arm of the rear wishbone, and the lack of a central pillar to the rear wing, which is instead mounted via the wing's two large endplates, which attach directly to the diffuser.