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Red Bull RB10 - rear end analysis 26 February 2014

With the team having designed the world championship-winning car for the last four seasons, Red Bull's 2014 machine has understandably been subject to substantial scrutiny since its launch. There are several areas of interest at the back of the RB10, including the large openings at the rear of the sidepods (1) that allow hot air to exit over the trailing edge of the diffuser. The diffuser itself (2) retains a very similar shape to that on the RB9 and features a mini flap in the 200mm wide central section (3). Also visible is the wide plane (4) that covers the rear leg of the lower suspension wishbone, the driveshaft and toe link. Also of interest is the fact that the RB10 follows the trend started in 2013 by Lotus and Mercedes of blowing hot air from the rear brakes onto the inside of the rear wheels (5).