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Force India VJM07 - stepped chassis 23 January 2014

One of the major changes in the 2014 technical regulations is the lowering of the chassis by 100mm to 525mm. This will have a significant impact on the amount of airflow that teams can drive under the front of the car and towards the rear diffuser. In a bid to minimise the impact of the change, Force India have used a clever 'step' design to raise the height of the bottom of the chassis (lower red section). The rules dictate the height of the underside of the front of the monocoque (at line A-A), but closer to the cockpit it is possible to raise that height. Simultaneously raising the upper surface ensures that rules on the inner dimensions of the cockpit are respected, and results in a distinctive hump on top of the chassis (upper blue arrow), which in turn allows for the potential inclusion of a 2012 Red Bull-style 'letter box' (inset) that can feed air to the bottom of the car.