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Mercedes F1 W05 - cooling and diffuser developments 26 February 2014

Not only did Mercedes finish the first Bahrain test with the fastest times of the week, they also trialed several updates, including different cooling configurations: a standard one and another with wider sidepod exits, plus the two different engine covers seen here. While the main drawing shows the standard cover, inset is one featuring a large oval-shaped exit (1). This design, similar to that used by Red Bull in recent years, made it possible to view the gearbox radiator (3). The team also widened the small ducts beside the cockpit (2) to further improve cooling. Visible too in this picture is the small slot in the centre of the diffuser (4). This is Mercedes' response to a regulation change that prevents teams utilizing a starter motor hole in the diffuser for aerodynamic gain. It would not be surprising if this solution were copied by other teams.