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Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid - new front-wing endplate 26 May 2014

Despite their dominance, Mercedes keep developing their car in the hope of keeping their advantage for as long as possible. For Monaco they had a new front-wing endplate. The detail change at the rear (1) is to optimise the airflow going around the outside of the front tyre. The front wing by regulation is 75mm narrower per side than last year and this detail will help try to connect the airflow in this area to the low-pressure area just behind the front tyre where it comes away from the ground. The new turning vane (2) works in conjunction with this endplate change. If this low pressure behind the tyre and the exit of the endplate can be made to 'talk' to each other then it will make the endplate work much more efficiently. The outer section of the front wing's main plane (3) has also been altered, with the inboard blend of the raised section having more of an edge. This is to reduce transverse airflow, which if allowed to happen can cause airflow separation on this section of the wing, reducing the downforce potential of this component.