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Ferrari 248 F1 - rear-end detail 31 January 2006

While not obvious at first glance, the rear of the 248 F1 is very different to its predecessor. The sidepods are narrower at the rear (1), providing a very clean 'coke bottle' shape leading into the diffuser. Bodywork around the exhaust chimneys (2) is lower, emphasising the large, revised flip-ups in front of the rear wheels. Rear suspension is all new, designed to improve efficiency of the diffuser - its lower wishbone (3) is quite high, to avoid interfering with airflow. Rear wing is also new, its main profile bending upwards at the centre, supported by twin pillars (4). The flap (round detail) has an upward-curving profile at either end, increasing downforce produced by the central section without raising drag. The endplates sport a revised, sculpted design to cut turbulence around the wheels.