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Ferrari 248 F1 - suspension-tyre package 28 September 2006

Another Ferrari strength in China will be the 248 F1's suspension package, which along with improved engine driveability, will greatly assist tyre-wear management - in combination with Bridgestone tyres featuring a low degree of hysteresis. This means the rubber is better able to adapt to variations in asphalt roughness - the lower the hysteresis, the lower the tyre wear and the higher the top speed. Such tyres work well with the 248 F1's suspension, which was revised in the summer to better exploit the tyres' potential performance and to enhance their durability. Front and rear suspension follow the same principle, with a central transverse damper, plus horizontal rotational dampers, coupled with torsion bars (see detail). Not only is this layout extremely compact, it means stiffness settings can be changed extremely quickly - very useful in rapidly determining the best set-up, especially during qualifying.