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Ferrari F60 - front wing 26 January 2009

Even though the dimensions of the front wing's central section are now standardised, the teams have devised a variety of solutions for the rest of the wing. The shape of the nosecone is now more significant, as the designers search for ways to claw back the downforce lost under the 2009 rules. Ferrari have chosen a very long and high central section to boost the volume of air passing underneath, with the wing mounted on two vertical pillars, angled forward to minimise their negative impact on airflow. They have retained their single-flap solution (now adjustable by the driver through a range of six degrees - see red arrow) and have added additional fins to the inside-front edges of the end plates, similar to those used by many in 2008. The outside of the end plate features a vertical fin to channel the airflow away from the front tyre and thus minimise drag.