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Ferrari F60 - revised exhaust exits 28 January 2009

Ferrari have had to modify the exhaust exits on the side pods of the F60, as seen at its launch at Mugello earlier this month (left diagram). In testing the length of the tailpipes has already been reduced (right diagram). Under the original text of the 2009 technical regulations the Ferrari solution was legal. That changed following a later meeting of the Technical Working Group and FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting, in which it was it was decided that exhaust tailpipes are considered part of the bodywork. With most aerodynamic appendages outlawed for 2009, the fear was that without the change teams may come up with tailpipe shapes designed specifically to have aerodynamic benefits. This has been seen (legally) on cars in the past - for example, the Ferrari F2003 GA had tall, thin tailpipes which acted as fins to better direct airflow towards the back of the car.