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Ferrari F10 - aerodynamic revisions 17 April 2010

In China Ferrari were the second team, after BMW Sauber, to introduce a system similar to McLaren's solution to reduce rear wing drag and downforce on straights. Mercedes and Williams have also trialled systems this weekend. Other changes on the Ferrari include a new underbody behind the front wing (1) and a new double-decked floor (2) similar to the one used by Renault in Malaysia. The F10's diffuser also has a revised central section. Compared to the McLaren, the only feature missing from the Ferrari is the British team's 'F-duct', which allows the drivers to control the level of downforce generated by the rear wing at high speeds. And instead of splitting the airbox in two like on the MP4-25, the F10 has two small openings (3) similar to the ones on Force India's VJM03. Like on the McLaren, however, there are two distinct airflows. One flows (bottom yellow line) to the top of the diffuser's leading edge (4) via a pipe. The other (top yellow line) flows on to the rear wing flap (5), which features a slot like on the McLaren. Fernando Alonso tested the items on Friday to collect data, which will be used to build a final version of the solution for next month's Spanish Grand Prix.