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Ferrari 150° Italia - pre-season evolution 27 March 2011

After a hectic winter test programme, Ferrari have introduced the latest version of their 2011 car (top drawing - launch version below) for the Australian Grand Prix. There are new front wing supports (1), featuring very wide pillars, in order to better channel the air under the car, whilst the revised front wing has noticeably different endplates (2). There is a much bigger undercut (3) at the front of the sidepods to feed more air to the back of the car. At the car's midpoint there are new vertical splitters (4), whilst narrower bodywork is highlighted by the larger portion of the black, heat-resistant material (5). There's a revised exhaust (6), inspired by the one featured on the Red Bull, which features longer pipes blowing towards the side diffusers (7). Finally at the back there's a new version of the diffuser designed to complement the revised exhausts (8).