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Williams FW36 - rear wing innovations 07 February 2014

For 2014, Formula One racing's governing body, the FIA, has not only reduced the width of the front wing, it has also cut the amount of downforce generated by the rear wing by effectively outlawing the traditional lower beam wing. This has meant most teams returning to the solution of a central vertical pillar for mounting the rear wing. Williams and Toro Rosso, however, have instead attached the endplates to a new 'beam wing' (2) which is placed less than 150mm above the reference plane, an area where there are no restrictions. The result is a solution that in combination with the rear diffuser is almost as effective as the old beam wing and one that could well become a trend in 2014. Note the distinctive curved shape of the outside of the diffuser (1). The driveshaft (3) does not have its own unique fairing, but is cleverly hidden between those around the toe link and the rear leg of the lower wishbone. Cascading brake fins (4) help to further increase downforce, as does a new 'monkey seat' wing (5), now 200mm wide rather than the 150mm dictated by the 2013 rules.