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McLaren MP4-23 - revised rear aero package 06 September 2008

For Spa McLaren have added side slits to the endplates of the car's sidepod winglets (lower inset circle). Similar to a revision introduced by Renault last year, and already adopted on the MP4-23 in Monaco, they are designed to reduce any extra turbulence generated by the larger Monaco-spec winglets - and consequently ensure maximum downforce gains. In addition, the rear wing sports the same configuration adopted in Canada, with the main profile raised in its central section and its extremities bending downwards slightly towards the endplates. This solution generates not only a medium downforce load, but also less drag compared to the previous configuration. This is important at Spa, where the very long straights highlight the car's top-end performance, while at the same time the more twisty sections emphasise the need for good traction.