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McLaren MP4-29 - front wing development 29 March 2014

For Melbourne, McLaren introduced a new front wing main plane on which the main area of development was the outer end of the wing (1). This section has a less aggressive outer tunnel and an extra slot gap in the second part of the main plane. These changes should help with the consistency of downforce when varying degrees of steering lock are applied. The upper front winglet (2) has also been changed for a less complicated version, with one component doing more of the work at producing front downforce without disturbing the airflow to the underfloor. Again, this is for better consistency of aerodynamic forces. The outer section of the wing flaps has also been altered, with a small 'ski ramp' added to the inside of the endplates (3). This goes hand in hand with the developments forward of it and helps optimise the airflow in this area. Under the nose (4) the vertical fins have been removed and smaller ones fitted at the nose-to-chassis intersection. Adding more space behind the wing mounting pillars before this vane alters the direction of airflow to improve the performance of the underfloor. For Sepang, a new nose was added to this front wing development. The leading edge (5) of its main body has been raised and is shorter, meaning that the nose tip (7) is now not only longer, but has a slightly altered profile. The upper surface's outer corner (7) is more blended and goes back to a squarer section where it joins the chassis, while the front wing mounting pillar (8) is more aggressive and will turn the airflow quite abruptly. All of these changes are designed to get more airflow under the chassis to the leading edge of the underfloor, which if achieved, will create more underbody downforce.