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McLaren MP4-29 - revised nose / front wing 04 April 2014

This design, introduced in Malaysia and retained in Bahrain, has much longer front wing mounting pillars, allowing the team to use this component as a more powerful vertical turning vane to help realign the airflow that is going under the nose to the leading edge of the underfloor. This in turn will allow the underfloor to produce more downforce. Underneath the outer end of the front wing, four small vertical fins (visible here immediately behind the front wing endplate) separate the airflow in this area, dividing the wing into four sections. When the front wing gets low to the ground, part of this area stalls. The vertical fins reduce the risk of that stall influencing the performance of the rest of the wing, making for more consistent downforce - something the driver needs to give him the confidence to push the car to the limit.