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Lotus E22 - brake duct aero tweaks 05 April 2014

In Bahrain Lotus have an interesting little feature on the inside of their front brake ducts. These ducts are only meant to cool the brakes, but there is an open area in the regulations within which the teams can do what they want. The brake duct opening itself is there to flow air through the brake disc. Carbon brake discs work properly at between 300 and 800 degrees Celsius. Below that they don't have any stopping power; above it and the wear rate of the carbon increases dramatically. All the other pieces on the duct are aerodynamic vanes of some sort, helping to manage the airflow around the front tyre. At Sakhir, the E22 has three small triangles (red arrow) at the top of the duct. These will induce a vortex, which as it increases in size will pull airflow from in front of the tyre and disperse it behind the tyre. Managing the airflow in this area means that the underfloor receives better quality airflow, allowing it to produce more downforce.