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BMW Sauber F1.06 - winglets & additional turning vanes 28 July 2006

Continuing the seemingly endless aero development of the F1.06 are some interesting changes in front of its sidepods. A new winglet (upper arrow) has been added at the front, clearly inspired by those on the Honda and Toyota, dramatically improving the continuity of airflow passing over the sidepod, and aiding cooling by diverting airflow more effectively into the air inlets. The winglet's endplate, with its rounded profile, acts as a splitter. The bargeboard (lower arrow) has also changed and now sports a forward-protruding, horizontal turning vane, similar to that seen on the Williams and Honda. Its connection with the bottom of the sidepod has been thickened and widened to cope with the increased downforce generated by the addition of the turning vane.