Beef tagliata & fried avocados

    Mushroom crème fraîche

    Best of veal

    Roasted and miso glazed, grilled pineapples with cilantro, green beans and caramelized carrots, homemade gnocchi café de paris, teriyaki jus

    Red snapper and prawns

    Leek and herbed tomato cassoulet, saffron-parmesan potato sotto, lemon and parsley butter, black olive tapenade

    Pea and mint casarecce with ricotta

    Yellow chicken curry

    Wok fried vegetables, steamed rice

    Seasonal salad

    Selection of cheese

    Sea salted caramel and hazelnut tart

    Homemade milk ice cream


    Sauvignon blanc, Attitude, Pascal Jolivet

    Subtly flowery nose with notes of ripe lemon. Fresh with a creamy edge to the citrus peel and floral notes.

    Bordeaux, Michael Lynch, J.M. Cazes selection

    Variety of fruit flavours with excellent structure and finesse.


    Heineken beer is refreshing, with a balance of bitterness and fruity notes.


    Mineral water, orange juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea