You can't be watching social media all the time, so let us help you catch up on some moments that may have escaped your attention over the Baku weekend...

    Hamilton superfan

    Is that really Jim Carrey advising Lewis Hamilton to put the 'hummer' down? You decide...

    Snow place like home

    Some pre-Baku rest and relaxation in his home country for Valtteri Bottas - though even there he can't resist a little bit of 'motorsport'.

    Best of (team) mates

    Arch rivals on track, Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly seem pretty friendly off it, as they enjoy a little pre-race sightseeing.

    Birthday boy

    He endured a shunt in practice and an unusual clash with Daniel Ricciardo in the race, but that didn't stop Daniil Kvyat celebrating in Baku.

    Puppy love

    When, like Nico 'the Hulk' Hulkenberg, you have a superhero moniker, you need an equally impressive name for your dog: meet Zeus, the new God of thunder...


    The Hulk's new pet didn't quite make the cut here, but several fellow drivers did. See who you can spot...

    No hard feelings

    Lewis Hamilton has no problems signing autographs for Ferrari fans - perhaps he already knew what would happen on Sunday?

    F1 babyfan

    Formula 1's efforts to appeal to a younger audience appear to be paying off... (Plus everyone loves Kimi, of course!)


    Want to show allegiance to your team? Red Bull fans know how to get a-head...

    ... Hair

    No hat? Then make sure your barnet's in good shape. KMag can give you some tips.

    ... And more hats

    Hamilton goes rogue with this unmissable number. A nod to his 'Hummer Time' fan perhaps?

    Do the Danny Ric

    You know about his slick moves on the track. He's got some off it too...

    The last word...

    ... should probably not go to Haas team boss Guenther Steiner. If you've seen 'Drive to Survive' on Netflix, you'll understand our reasoning!