vitello tartufato

    baked mushrooms and green asparagus

    filet of beef and glazed lamb shank

    grilled broccolini, eggplant parmiggiana, roasted cauliflower gratin, herb jus

    grilled seafood brochette

    tuscan style sautéed zucchini, sea salted red pepper, dijon mustar sotto, lemon parsley butter

    __ homemade cappellacci with buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes confit and fresh basil__

    wok fried chilli chicken

    curried vegetables, steamed rice

    selection of cheese

    viennese style strawberry fritter

    light vanilla sauce, homemade panna cotta parfait


    smoked salmon tart, wasabi crème fraîche

    fillet of beef and côte de veau, mediterranean vegetables, glazed baby carrots, handmade gnocchi in curry-mustard sauce, port wine jus and chimichurri

    grilled atlantic cod and swordfish

    sautéed baby leaf spinach, balsamic infused leek, creamy new potato mousseline, crustage sauce, black olive relish

    homemade chanterelle mezzelune

    with parmesan, arugula and smoked tomatoes

    pineapple chicken

    jalfrezi vegetables, mustard seed rice, mint raita

    selection of cheese

    crunchy hazelnut passion fruit tart

    banana citrus sorbet