Friday Menu

    Beef tagliata and fried avocado salad

    Mushroom crème fraîche, tomato carpaccio

    Fillet of beef and lamb chops

    Herbed vegetables, wild mushrooms, caramelized shallots, baked polenta, black olive jus

    Grilled cod

    Tuscan style cannellini beans with calamari, pea risotto, red pepper salsa

    Lemon taglierini with prawns

    Milanese style chicken piccata

    Homemade gnocchi in tomato parmesan sauce, pan fried zucchini with fresh mint

    Seasonal salad

    Selection of cheese

    Chocolate pear soufflé

    Sour cream parfait, mangoes

    Saturday Menu

    Smoked salmon tart and crispy chili prawns

    Fillet of beef and leg of lamb

    Oven roasted vegetables, cumin infused carrots, grilled broccolini, corn and cheddar gratin, pomegranate jus

    Seabass and octopus

    Aubergine tartar, leaf spinach and chickpeas, fennel mousseline, avocado and cherry tomato salsa

    Calamaretti with zucchini, pines and buffalo mozzarella

    Indian malabar chicken

    Five spiced cauliflower, cilantro lime rice, mango chutney

    Seasonal salad

    Selection of cheese

    Vegan chocolate avocado tart and our famous cheesecake

    Coconut ice cream, pineapple carpaccio

    Sunday menu

    Grilled lobster salad

    Hoisin aubergine, leaf spinach, sesame and yuzu dressing

    Fillet of beef and rack of spring lamb

    Mediterranean vegetables, new potato gratin with ricotta and figs, rosemary jus

    Wild salmon and grilled swordfish

    Beluga lentils, ratatouille, celeriac mousseline, dijon mustard sauce with asparagus, roasted tomatoes and black olives

    Rigatoni with slow roasted parmesan and tomato sauce

    Spring chicken tikka masala

    Vegetable korma, coconut rice, cucumber raita

    Seasonal salad

    Selection of cheese

    Strawberry fritter

    Homemade dark chocolat parfait, viennese vanilla sauce


    Sauvignon blanc - Attitude - Pascal Jolivet

    Subtly flowery nose with notes of ripe lemon. Fresh with a creamy edge to the citrus peel and floral notes.

    Bordeaux - Michael Lynch - J.M. Cazes selection

    Variety of fruit flavours with excellent structure and finesse.


    Heineken beer is refreshing, with a balance of bitterness and fruity notes.

    Champagne CARBON

    Born from fifth generation champagne winegrowers, carbon is about tradition, innovation and extreme performance which make it a unique champagne.

    Mineral water, orange juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea