Friday Menu

    • Salad of seared beef

    Aubergine and slow roasted tomato tart

    • Best of veal

    Sautéed broccoli, vegetable curry, couscous with pomegranate and dried fruit, herb jus

    • Seabream and octopus

    Pan fried zucchini, oven baked fennel and red pepper, roasted cauliflower mousseline, avocado and cherry tomato salsa

    • Garganelli with lamb bolognese

    Black olives, pines and arugula

    • Indian coconut chilli prawns

    Five spiced beetroot, steamed rice

    • Seasonal salad

    • Selection of cheese

    • Homemade brown bread and cinnamon parfait

    Burnt orange jelly, pistachio crumble

    Saturday Menu

    • Grilled mediterranean seafood salad

    Sauce claudio

    • Fillet of beef and BBQ short ribs

    Tuscany style vegetables, caramelized carrots, sautéed mushrooms, truffled spinach gnocchi in panna sauce, thyme jus

    • Seabass and baked cod

    Chickpea ragout, minted pea mousseline, japanese sauce tartare, lime and caper butter

    • Tortiglioni with prawns, crustage sauce and wilted swiss chard

    • Yellow chicken curry

    Wok fried vegetables, steamed rice

    • Seasonal salad

    • Selection of cheese

    • Strawberry filo and iced chocolate bar

    Light vanilla sauce

    Sunday Menu

    • smoked salmon and avocado tart

    Dijon mustard sauce

    • Fillet of beef and rack of spring lamb

    Oven roasted vegetables, creamy green beans with dill, cheddar and jalapeño gratin, morel jus

    • Grilled swordfish

    Quick ratatouille, celeriac mousseline, smoked red pepper and chilli sauce, black olive tapenade

    • __Rigatoni with buffalo mozzarella and fried eggplants in slow roasted tomato sauce

    • Chicken tikka masala

    Dhal lentils, cauliflower korma, yoghurt rice, cucumber raita

    • Seasonal salad

    • Selection of cheese

    • Chilled chocolate fondant

    Sea salted caramel


    • Pouilly fumé - Pascal Jolivet

    Very clean nose, nice focus, with lemon curd, with peach and mineral notes, delicious and delicate. A naturally made sauvignon blanc, elegant and distinct in a very well-done style.

    • Bordeaux - Michael Lynch - J.M. Cazes Selection

    Variety of fruit flavours with excellent structure and finesse.

    • Heineken

    Heineken beer is refreshing, with a balance of bitterness and fruity notes.

    • Champagne

    • Mineral water, orange juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea