Friday Menu

    Seared veal carpaccio with sautéed chanterelles and truffle crème fraîche

    Fillet of beef and porchetta

    Mediterranean vegetables, creamy savoy cabbage, pan fried gnocchi with scamorza and oven roasted tomatoes, balsamico jus

    GGilled sea bream and octopus

    Sautéed kale, edamame and leek, rosemary mousseline, smoked red pepper and black olive relish

    Homemade carbonara cappellacci

    Crispy guanciale al pepe, grated pecorino

    Stir fried king prawns in black bean sauce

    Fresh green peppercorns, sweet basil, asian vegetables, steamed rice

    Seasonal salad

    Selection of cheese

    Homemade brown bread and cinnamon parfait

    Burnt orange jelly, mango and pistachio crumble

    Saturday Menu

    Medley of smoked salmon and prawns

    Light wasabi cream

    Fillet of beef and chargrilled lamb chops

    Pan fried haricots verts with truffled parmesan, honey and cilantro infused carrots, baked taleggio polenta with caramelized trevisana, barolo jus, caper gremolata

    Atlantic tuna and grilled swordfish

    Oven roasted red and yellow peppers, smoked chickpeas and leaf spinach, grilled sweetcorn mousseline, gazpacho relish

    Homemade artichoke mezzelune

    Black olives, celeriac, peas and mint__

    Chicken tikka masala

    Jalfrezi vegetables, pulao rice, mango chutney

    Seasonal salad

    Selection of cheese

    Baked apricot brioche

    Fresh raspberries, vanilla sauce, homemade dark chocolate ice cream

    Sunday Menu

    Mediterranean lobster salad

    Fillet of veal and rack of spring lamb

    Pan fried wild mushrooms with prosciutto di parma, broccolini and cauliflower with fine herbs, fig and ricotta gratin, rosemary jus

    Grilled wild salmon and monkfish

    Eggplant tartar, sautéed celeriac, smoked red peppers, saffron risotto, avocado and cherry tomato salsa, harissa mint oil

    Black truffle and mascarpone tortellini

    Green asparagus

    Red thai coconut chicken curry

    Bamboo shoots and kafir lime leaves, steamed rice with chia seeds

    Seasonal salad

    Selection of cheese

    Chilled chocolate fondant

    Sea salted caramel, homemade mint ice cream


    Greco Di Tufo “Cutizzi” - Feudi Di San Gregorio Campania

    Varied and intense aroma, with distinct sensations of fresh fruit, from green plum to white pear, and delicate balsamic notes of mint. Intense and pleasantly acidic taste, with a strong minerality linked to the territory, balanced by soft, balsamic notes.

    Barbera d’Alba

    Comes from the wonderful range of vajra estate vineyards, belonging to three different geological ages: tortonian, serravallian and messinian. It is fermented for an average of 20 days on skins and ages no less than twelve months, in respect of the rhythm of nature. This is a fine blend, a charming wine at the crossroads of finesse and texture.

    Whispering Angel - Sacha Lichine

    As a negociant and vinificateur (winery), caves d’esclans identifies vineyards, grapes and wines from château d’esclans as well as local growers to make what has reputedly become the world’s greatest rosé.


    Heineken beer is refreshing, with a balance of bitterness and fruity notes.

    Champagne CARBON

    Born from a fith generation of champagne winegrower, CARBON is about tradition, innovation and extreme performance which make it a unique champagne.

    Mineral water, orange juice, soft drinks, coffee, tea