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DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award: Three wins in a row for Mercedes

21 Sep 2017

Mercedes had readied themselves for damage limitation in Singapore. As it happened they came away with the spoils out on track – and in the pit lane...

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Anything Lewis Hamilton can do, his Mercedes pit crew can do too. Just like the three-time world champion, the Silver Arrows tyre-change unit made it three victories on the bounce as they tightened their grip on this year's DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award trophy. Red Bull proved the second-quickest team, but the 2.54s they spent changing Daniel Ricciardo's tyres was considerably slower (in relative terms) than Mercedes managed on Hamilton's and Bottas's cars. Former pit stop pacesetters Williams returned to the top ten with quick times on Stroll's and Massa's cars, while Haas and Force India were also double scorers. Notable by their absence on this, of course, are Ferrari, who didn't make it beyond the first lap, let alone into the pit stop window...