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Silverstone tyre compounds confirmed by Pirelli

18 May 2017

Official Formula One tyre suppliers Pirelli have announced the compound choices that will be available to teams for July’s 2017 Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Against expectations, Pirelli will not bring their orange-marked hard compound to the British track following the mixed reception it received from drivers in Barcelona. Instead the Italian manufacturer will provide their white-marked medium, yellow-marked soft and red-marked supersoft tyres.

Drivers will be obliged to use the soft and the medium during the race, and to save a set of supersofts for the Q3 segment of qualifying.

The teams are free to choose the compounds for the remaining 10 sets of their 13-set allocation for the weekend. Details of each team’s choices will be released near to the event.

Tyre compounds for Britain:

Tyre compounds nominated so far in 2017: