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The Official F1® App

The Official F1® App

The Official F1® App

Available in Lite and Premium editions for iOS and Android, the F1® App offers leaderboard, lap times, sector classification, new stories, session commentary from Formula1.com and more throughout the season.

Live Timing (Premium Feature)
Live Timing (Premium Feature)
With customisable timing pages, follow official lap timing to a thousandth of a second, gaps, intervals, sector times and best laps. See instantly how a driver is doing compared to rivals using the official timing colour codes. Plus DRS data and pit stop indicators.
In-Corner Analysis (Premium Feature)
In-Corner Analysis (Premium Feature)
On selected corners, compare team mates’ entry, exit and apex speeds. See their track position, their braking points, in-corner gear and rpm data, and where they start accelerating out of the turn.
Exclusive Team Radio (Premium Feature)
Exclusive Team Radio (Premium Feature)
Each live session features exclusive driver radio transmissions not available anywhere else.
Drag Reduction System (DRS) data (Premium Feature)
Drag Reduction System (DRS) data
(Premium Feature)
Exclusive to the Official F1® App, the interactive map shows which drivers have DRS available and how they are using it. Monitor a driver’s speed, gear and track position as they pass through the clearly marked DRS zones.

Additional Premium Features

  • Race Control Messages

    Race Control Messages

    Live track updates, investigations, DRS status, driver penalties, track temperature and more.

  • Tyre History

    Tyre History

    Information on tyre compounds,
    wear level and how many laps have been done on a given tyre. 

  • English Audio Commentary

    English Audio Commentary

    Listen to the Official F1® App's
    carefully selected English race commentary team.

  • Personalisation


    Personalise the app with full
    control of favourite drivers, timing,
    news and data settings.

  • Live Commentary

    Live Commentary

    Read through live text
    commentary alongside race images and marshal notifications.

  • And more!

    And more!

    Media hub, videos and images from Formula1.com plus championship standings and more!

The Official F1® App is available to download
from iTunes and Google play.

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