What is F1?

    Time outs? No time for that. Big Game? We do 24 a year. This is on another level. This is Formula 1.


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    How does the F1 weekend work? What’s F1 Sprint? And why is it called Formula 1? You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers...

    Everything you need to know

    Who races in F1?

    Extreme g-forces. Daring decisions made in the blink of an eye – and at 370km/h. Dramatically battling to be the best, Formula 1 drivers are more like fighter pilots than sportspeople. Only 20 get the chance to compete, and they push themselves – and their incredible machines – to the very limit.

    Meet the F1 drivers

    Who are the F1 teams?

    Formula 1 is a team sport. It needs to be to change all 4 tyres on a car in under 2 seconds! F1 teams design and build their cars and get them ready to race. Each has their own history. Each has their own unique approach. All want to be the fastest. But who should you root for?

    Meet the F1 teams

    Where does F1 race?

    Some sports play stadiums. Our 'stadiums' span cities. With 24 races in amazing locations across 5 continents, Formula 1 is truly an international sport.

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    Get up to speed

    F1 is fast! Day or night. Rain or shine. Our helpful guides explain everything you need to know about... everything you need to know!

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    F1 Explains

    F1 doesn't stop at the chequered flag. Presented by Katie Osborne and Christian Hewgill, our F1 Explains podcast brings big-name guests from the sport together to answer fan questions about Formula 1.

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    How do I follow F1?

    You know the F1 drivers and teams. You know where we race. Now find out how you can be part of the action, and how you can follow Formula 1 and support your heroes from wherever you are in the world.

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    Get under the hood of F1

    F1 boasts technology that’s innovative, ground-breaking – and life-saving. F1 cars already use the world's most efficient engine, while the sport’s engineers are locked in an all-out battle to beat the stopwatch... and their rivals!

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    How F1 approaches sustainability

    F1 is a driving force – and not just on the track. Find out the steps the sport is taking to be Net Carbon Zero by 2030, like developing a 100% sustainable drop-in fuel – and how you could be benefitting in the near-future.

    F1 Net Zero 2030