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Toro Rosso STR9 - rear wing innovations 07 February 2014

Like Williams, for 2014 Toro Rosso have eschewed a central pillar to mount their rear wing in favour of connecting the endplates to a new, lower 'beam wing' (1). Note the long vertical gills at the bottom of the endplates. The central 'monkey seat' wing has very tall endplates and a small flap in the lower section (2). As on the team's 2013 car, the outer edge of the rear diffuser is cut at a 45-degree angle (3), while the driveshaft (4) is now included in the fairings around the two adjacent suspension elements. The rear of the bodywork features a wide, oval opening (5) to extract hot air from the sidepods. Finally in this drawing, we can see how the 'cola bottle' section (6) starts much further forward than on sister team Red Bull's RB10, despite both cars using the same Renault power unit, with a more squared sidewall to the bodywork.