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Ferrari F2006 preview - front wing & suspension 30 November 2005

This artist's impression of Ferrari's 2006 machine features a nose that drops down far more noticeably than on the F2005, with a wide, flat section, closely resembling that on the McLaren MP4-20. As a result, the pillars connecting the front wing to the nose will be shorter and slightly inclined. The wing itself will lose the F2005's additional box wing in favour of one main profile (1), deeply curved in the centre in a similar fashion to the McLaren's. New, lower front wishbone mountings (2) will be separate and connected to the chassis at its very lowest corners. This 'no-keel' concept was seen on the MP4-20 and on the final versions of Toyota's TF105B. It has the dynamic advantage of a very low roll centre, allowing for much-reduced camber angles, which improve tyre performance/durability, and the car's handling. It is also less disruptive to the airflow coming from the front wing, hence increasing the aero efficiency of the bottom of the car.