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Ferrari 150° Italia - banned rear wing 21 May 2011

Ferrari ran this rear wing in Friday's practice sessions in Spain, but had to revert back to their Turkey-spec design from Saturday onwards after the FIA deemed it illegal. The area of controversy was the additional Gurney flaps on the top (in yellow), which took the wing 30mm over the normal maximum height limit. That limit is 950mm above the reference plane (the lowest part of the car, excepting the plank), the same as for the engine cover and roll-over structure. Ferrari claimed the flaps were not actually not part of the wing, but were actually part of the slot-gap separator, or rear wing supports, which are exempt from the height requirement. The FIA disagreed and decided that the configuration breached article 3.10.3 of the technical regulations. Charlie Whiting conceded that it was a clever interpretation, but felt it was not within the spirit of the rules.

FIA Technical Regulations, Article 3.10.3:
In order to ensure that the individual profiles and the relationship between these two sections can only change whilst the car is in motion in accordance with Article 3.18, they must be bridged by means of pairs of rigid impervious supports arranged such that no part of the trailing edge of the forward section may be more than 200mm laterally from a pair of supports. These pairs of supports must :
- be located no more than 355mm from the car centre line ;
- fully enclose each complete sections such that their inner profiles match that of each section. With the exception of minimal local changes where the two sections are adjacent to each other, their outer profiles must be offset from the inner profiles by between 8mm and 30mm and may not incorporate any radius smaller than 10mm ('gurney' type trim tabs may however be fitted between the supports) ;
- be aligned as a pair so as to provide a bearing across their full thickness and along a profile length of at least 10mm when the distance between the two sections is at its closest position ;
- not be recessed into the wing profiles (where a recess is defined as a reduction in section at a rate greater than 45° with respect to a lateral axis) ;
- be arranged so that any curvature occurs only in a horizontal plane ;- be between 2mm and 5mm thick ;
- be rigidly fixed to their respective sections ;
- be constructed from a material with modulus greater than 50GPa.
These supports will be ignored when assessing whether the car is in compliance with Articles 3.6, 3.9.2, 3.10.1, 3.10.2, 3.10.4 and 3.10.6.