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Ferrari F138 versus F14 T - overhead analysis 29 January 2014

This overhead drawing shows how Ferrari's new 2014 car, the F14 T (top) differs from their 2013 car, the F138 (bottom). Firstly, the flat nose cone (1) on the F14 T is shorter than that on the F138. The regulation changes mean that the front wing on the 2014 car is 75mm narrower on each side and that brings the endplates (2) directly in front of the front tyre. As a result, the endplates are more complex and twisted to the outside in order to divert air around the tyre more efficiently. The onboard camera position (3) is now defined by the regulations, so the mounting is further back than it was in 2013. Even so, Ferrari have mounted the cameras so that they have a positive aerodynamic influence in this area. Further back along the car you can see the new bridge vertical turning vanes (4) which are an evolution of the ones introduced at the end of 2013. Ferrari put a lot of effort into making the sidepods (5) as small as possible and from above they appear narrower in places than those on the F138 (indicated by the yellow spot). There is also a cut out area in the 'cola bottle' section (6) which makes them narrower still. Hot air exits through two big oval openings at the rear of the sidepods (7). These openings are placed very low down so that hot air exits towards the diffuser. At the very rear of the car, vertical pillars (8) have been used to support the rear wing, whilst the new rear wing endplates (9) are divided into two sections and feature several gills.