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McLaren MP4-22 - barge board development 20 July 2007

Though not new, recent refinements to the lower section of the McLaren's barge boards (right arrow) are particularly significant here, given the nature of the Nurburgring's layout - neither slow nor fast, instead featuring a continuous series of short straights and smoothly linked corners. This requires a perfectly balanced aero package, especially in terms of the car's underbody aero efficiency, and this is what the barge board revisions are aimed at - improving the quality of the airflow passing under the car. Working in conjunction with these refinements, the top-edge winglets (left arrow) condition the upper section of airflow impacting the sidepod ducts. They help reduce the lift effect generated by airflow exiting the front wing, and improve not only the quality of airflow directed to the rear of the car, but also cooling efficiency.