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Renault R26 - rear-end detail 28 February 2006

With the reduced cooling needs of the new V8, the R26 has narrower sidepods than its predecessor. It features wider flip-ups and gone are the R25's distinctive venting gills. The winglet (magnified) now has its supporting pillar (1) connected to its inner edge rather than centrally mounted as last year. This is to remove the pillar from the path of airflow passing towards the flip-up. The exhaust position (2) is much closer to the engine, with the exit now rearward, rather than outward, facing. The rear wing uses a central, inclined supporting pillar (3) and the main profile is now lower at its extremities than in the centre (4). Another tiny change is the endplates on the flip-ups (5) which are now no more than a small, vertical lip, reducing the drag generated by this element.