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Lotus E21 - FIA suspension clarification 29 June 2013

After Silverstone, Lotus are expected to make a minor modification to the E21's suspension for the next round in Germany after a rule clarification from the FIA, who were asked by a rival team to confirm the Lotus set-up's legality. Article 10.5.2 of the technical regulations states: "The loads from the suspension members and wheel bearings must individually and entirely be carried by the suspension upright. Exceptionally up to three suspension members may be connected together by titanium, aluminium alloy or steel components before their load is passed into the upright." As can be seen here, the Lotus would seem to have four rather than the maximum three members connected together for the upright: the lower wishbone (two arms), the pushrod link and the steering rod. Lotus are expected to change the layout, which has been in use for some time, by separating the steering pick-up point. It is not expected to have a significant impact on performance.