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2015 Calendar

Q: Where can I find details of the 2015 Formula One calendar?
A: For details of the official FIA calendar click here.

Contact Us

Q: I want to contact the website...
A: You can find the relevant details on our Contacts page

Countdown Clock

Q: The Countdown Clock is showing the wrong time...
A: The Countdown Clock is counting down to the scheduled start time for the forthcoming Formula One Grand Prix session. The timing shown is calculated from your PC settings. We suggest that you check whether your Date/Time settings on your PC are correct.


Q: Who is Formula1.com?
A: Formula1.com is the Official Website of FORMULA 1™. It is run by Formula One Management Limited, a Formula One Group Company. Email admin@formula1.com

It is developed by DigitasLBi (UK).

Live Timing

Q: I can't access the Live Timing data...
A: If the advice and information provided to you on the Live Timing page does not answer your queries you can send us an email on livetiming@formula1.com, outlining your specific problem and our Technical Team will do their best to help you access this unique service.


Q: Where can I buy official FORMULA 1® merchandise?
A: Formula1.com's online store offers a wide range of official team merchandise, including teamwear, leisurewear, accessories, diecast models, gifts and souvenirs. Click here to visit. Formula1.com also provides a Tickets service to all races.

Reproducing Info

Q: Can I reproduce any of the images and information used on the site?
A: No, the Terms & Conditions of the site state:
"This Site as a whole is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. All rights are reserved."

Site not updating

Q: When I use links like 'Results' from the Home Page they do not always bring up the latest information available...
A: Your computer may be accessing a cached version of the website. Try 'Refresh' or 'Ctrl-Shift Refresh'. If neither of these options result in an update of the site, please try clearing your web browser's cache to fully refresh the site.

TV Broadcasts

Q: What time is the race shown on TV?
A: Please refer to your local TV listings.


Q: I haven't received the email confirming my email address?
A: Please check that the confirmation email has not been diverted into your 'spam' or 'junk mail' folder. If not, please try subscribing again.

Edit my details

Q: How can I edit update my details?
A: Click on the 'My Details' button in the footer. If you are signed in you will be taken to a page showing your current details. Click the 'Edit details' button if you wish to amend anything.
Q: Can I update my email address?
A: No. To change your email address you will need to re-register.

The Official F1® App

Q: I purchased previous versions of the App from Soft Pauer. Why aren't they updating automatically like they did in previous years?
A: The Official F1® App is now fully licensed and created by Formula One Digital Media Limited. The previous versions are no longer compatible so please download The Official F1® App.

Q: I own additional Apple devices, can I install the app on all my Apple products?
A: Yes, the license is held by the account of the store used by your device, not by each device individually.

Q: What do the colours on the Timing screen mean?
A: Blue – Car is in Pit
Yellow – Standard timing colour
Red – Car exiting and entering the pit lane
White – The most recent information available for that driver (e.g. a white sector time is the information for the sector just completed).
Green – Personal best for the driver and may relate to individual sector times and speeds as well as a lap time.
Magenta - Indicates the overall best in that session and may relate to individual sector times and speeds as well as a lap time.

Q: How accurate are the car positions?
A: They are accurate to about 200 metres (this varies from track to track). We are working hard to improve this.

Q: Why do the car movements not always appear smooth?
A: The car positions are provided from fixed positions on the circuit. In between those positions we predict where the cars will be which results in changes of speed. The first two laps are hardest to predict. Large changes in average speed e.g safety car or cars pitting will create a similar effect.

Q: Why do the race positions sometimes not reflect the positions of the cars?
A: The race positions are updated intermittently, whereas the car positions are more accurate.

Q: When the app starts it shows an old race, how do I see other races?
A: On the Timing & Tracker page press the down arrow on the title bar to bring up the Race Selector then select a race from the carousel.

Q: Why has the Race screen changed to another Circuit?
A: 24 hours before the first practice of the next race weekend the race page will automatically change to the new circuit. If you don't want to watch the race just go to the Race Selector and choose a historical race.

Q: Do I need an internet connection?
A: During the race a working internet connection is required. You also need a connection to download old sessions, refresh the news and update the info database.. However, the app will otherwise work offline.

Q: Which network port will the app use?
A: During the race udp port 4322 must be open on your firewall. Tip: on an iPhone turning off wifi will use your telecom provider's network that should not be firewalled.

Q: Can I customise any of the features of the app?
A: You can customise some features of the app such as your favourite driver in the Media Hub page or other preferences in the Settings page.

Q: Can I jump to different points within the race or qualifying sessions?
A: If you press the cog image on the movable centre bar visible on the Timing & Tracker page you will bring up a slider bar that controls the point of the race.

Q: How do I find the race result or qualifying results?
A: Results can be viewed either on the Race Centre of the Media Hub page or on the Results page.

Q: Can I follow a specific driver?
A: Yes you can. When you are on the race screen select a driver either on the leaderboard at the top of the screen or from the map at the bottom of the screen. The driver bar will change to yellow along with the driver icon on the map. The camera will then follow your selected driver.

Q: Will my battery last for an entire race?
A: If you have charged your device then yes, the battery should easily last the race duration.

Q: Why is the app not available in my country?
A: The app is currently available in the following countries (this list is under constant review): Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

Q: My question is not covered in this list. Who can I contact?
A: For customer service enquiries, please email fodm@fomltd.com