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Thursday weather - clear skies at Suzuka 09 Oct 2003

Race winner Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari F2002 negotiated the Casio Chicane.
Formula One World Championship, Rd17, Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka, Japan, 13 October 2002

Welcome to the final round of the 2003 FIA Formula One World Championship, the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. This is the crucial race, which will decide the World Championship for Drivers and the World Championship for Constructors, and as we saw in Indianapolis a fortnight ago the weather could play a critical role.

The forecast for the forthcoming weekend, however, suggests that conditions will be stable. Today (Thursday) is expected to be clear with little or no cloud, and this should be the theme for the whole weekend, with temperatures gradually moving from today's predicted high of 24 degrees Celsius (75 Fahrenheit), to around 26 by Sunday. The highest chance of rain (a Suzuka speciality) is on race day, but is currently only 10 percent. However, thunderstorms are forecast for Monday, and if they were to come early that could affect things significantly.