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FIA Friday press conference - Spain, part three 02 May 2003

Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Ferrari F2003-GA tries to focus before qualifying.
Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona, Spain, 2 May 2003


Published with permission from the Federation Internationale de l' Automobile.


Q: Gentlemen, can I ask an Austrian question because it is the next race and presumably the last one...Are you looking forward to the Austrian Grand Prix and how sorry, or maybe not sorry, will you be to lose this race?

David COULTHARD: I've always gone well on that track. It's a funny little circuit to drive because there are not many corners, but usually it has given some interesting results in the races and incidents and I think it will be a shame not to have it on the calendar. From a track point of view it is not as great a loss, I'm afraid to say, as somewhere like Spa but as an event on the calendar my impression is that the local people have been very friendly, very welcoming and certainly I will miss having that on the calendar.

Rubens BARRICHELLO: Like David said I think it is a great circuit for overtaking. If we have to take circuits away we should be looking at overtaking in the first place because we are missing that a little bit even though we are trying to improve. I think Austria is a circuit that you can choose to run some downforce and people choosing less downforce and it makes the racing interesting. Again as David said I go quite well there so it is sad to see it go.

Q: To David and Juan Pablo, how have you seen the new Ferrari?

Juan Pablo Montoya: Red like always. The old one was quick, I'm surprised actually it should have been a lot quicker. I was expecting it to be a lot quicker here today. Probably they need more time but I was really expecting them to be quicker than they were today. I think they could have done the same lap time with the old car.

DC: I think it is better to wait until after the race and then you can judge the weekend's performance. So far we've seen one hour and one lap. I haven't really seen too much of the cars and I haven't seen any mags to look at the comparisons. I wouldn't have known it was a different car visually from what I saw on the television. I'm not really studying...

JPM: The cooling looks good.

DC: Rubens designed that!

Q: Question to Rubens and Montoya. In the practice this morning we had Michelin tyres in the first seven positions and then in the qualifying we saw Bridgestone tyres first. What changed? The cars, the circuit?

RB: In my opinion the Friday morning people to choose to set up the car to the qualifying on Friday and some choose for the Sunday so it makes completely no sense to check the times on a Friday morning. It is a small thing relative to Friday afternoon. Even though people might choose to run some fuel for whatever reason, I think Friday afternoon is more towards what the weekend can be. Again you saw McLaren and Williams were not so good today, they will be tomorrow. I think Friday nowadays doesn't tell you much.