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FIA begin search for standard ECU 23 Feb 2006

In line with plans to introduce a standard electronic control unit (ECU) to all Formula One engines from 2008, the FIA has asked for companies interested in supplying the relevant systems and components to contact them.

The FIA has published a general outline (see below) of what will be needed and companies who register their interest will receive a more detailed brief of the technical requirements at the end of next month.

Full statement from the FIA:

In readiness for the 2008 Formula 1 season the FIA is seeking expressions of interest from potential suppliers of electronic systems and component suppliers with a view to supplying all Formula 1 teams with a standard electronic control system and technical support for racing and testing as referenced in articles 8.2, 8.4 and 8.6 of the 2008 Technical Regulations.

The supplied system will be required to control the following:

• An 8 cylinder engine, including single injector and spark plug per cylinder, one throttle actuator, pneumatic valve air pressure, two lambda sensors and two fuel pumps.
• A 6 or 7 speed semi-automatic sequential gearbox and hydraulic multi-plate carbon clutch.
• A hydraulic differential
• An energy recovery system
• A number of digital output drivers

The supplied system will be required to include:

• Steering wheel electronics for switch inputs and driver displays.
• Data acquisition and logging capability sufficient for all control, diagnostic and chassis performance analysis functions with fast data upload capability
• An accident data recorder
• A nominal 12V regulated car system voltage supply
• A list of approved sensor and actuator types
• A single infrastructure telemetry system

Those potential suppliers expressing an interest will be invited to submit a formal bid with a view to supplying the Formula 1 teams in accordance with a procedure which will be administered and regulated by the FIA. A dossier with a more detailed description of the technical requirements of the system itself and of the procedure for submitting bids will be sent to those who register an interest on or before 31 March 2006.